23 Girls Who Had Trouble Fitting Their Booty Into Their Snapchat

If you are anything like me, you enjoy filling your Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter with as many hot girls as possible. Creepy? I don’t think so, I am like the silent stalker. I never comment, I never like, they never even know I am there.

Okay, I guess that is pretty creepy.

The girl I am currently creeping hard on is Bruna Lima a fitness model from who currently lives in Miami, Florida. According to her Instagram profile, Luna is Brasilian & Italian.


She has 1.3 MILLION IG FOLLOWERS… And I bet you can guess why…



During my creep sessions, I noticed that Bruna would sometimes have trouble fitting her booty into the frame of her snapchats.


Talk about a serious problem!


I wondered if she was not alone here with this problem. So of course, I did some research…


I found it happens to a lot a of girls.


Here are some more girls who have the same problem as Bruna and can’t keep their booty’s in the frame! And more Bruna! bruna_rangel_31

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