Half the Size… Double the Life!

Sometimes you don’t need a functional product that’s over the top. You just want something simple, supreme and soulful. It’s therefore important to cater to...

Chill on the hill!

Most architects don’t even attempt the Mountain Cliff Hotel idea. It seems incredible, but poses some serious engineering risks. However that doesn’t stop us from...

Fabulous Fabric Furniture

Caustics. Ah! The beautiful refractive web of light at the bottom of a pool that dances to the movement of the water. Caustics look beautiful...

Swipe right for sanitation!

So swiping isn’t just good for your love life, it’s a great hygienic habit too! That sentence didn’t make sense, right? The Swipe door handle...

Be Cool and Safe in B’twin!

Designed for the B’Coool Bike specialized for the city of B’twin, France, the B’Safe Security Pack is the perfect peripheral addition that gives users enhanced...

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