Douche Prankster Fakes Car Being Smashed During Photoshoot in Traffic

Let’s hold up traffic for a photoshoot and have one of our buddies smash my expensive ass car! Then file a false police report! PRANK!

Sniff sniff I smell some fake YouTube Prankster BULLSHIT! We get a lot of emails from these guys trying to promote their YouTube pranks. This one was different. Coby Persin is #2 on the list behind the GOAT Joey Salads in fake bullshit “NEED HELP TO FIND THE GUY WHO BUSTED MY CAR WINDSHIELD”

Check out the video below. It has gone viral today which was 100% his plan. He can use his new found fans who believe this and funnel them into his new kids channel. (That is a different story)

#CobyPersin was doing a photo shoot in #NYC when this happened.. 😳 @cobypersin #WSHH

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Here is what he posted on his IG:

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I was doing a quick photoshoot in NYC to get some cool pictures and this crazy guy gets out of his car and SMASHED MY WINDSHIELD WITH A BAT!! Please help me tag anyone who may no about this guy😔😔 

no… you mean KNOW BRO! And who the fuck would “no” something about a random guy smashing your car in a 8-second video. Other than you and you Toy Family group of liars.

I am not the only one who doesn’t like these guys, check out the comments on his IG:



Lot of support…. Still not convinced it is fake. Check out this now deleted Snapchat that accidently showed the dude who “smashes his window”


Ah shit:


BUSTED! These guys on GoldPrankz Made A Whole video exposing it.


Why are you blocking traffic just for a photo shoot?! Dumbass. He was tweeting that is was 100% real thinking he wouldn’t be caught but the internet is too smart these days. They bent him over and now he is back peddling. Why? HE CALLED THE COPS ON THE DUDE! AND FILMED IT ON HIS SNAPCHAT… So he wasted the cops time and filed a police report just in the hope to go viral… 2016 people.

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