Girl Accidentally Added To Chat Where Guys Said The ‘Squad Should Take Turns On Her’

Never say anything creepy about a hot girl you wouldn’t want her to accidently stumble upon. One of the dudes asked what they should say to her. His buddies advice: ‘Show me where u p*ssy from. Works 9/10 times’

If you do, you will be sitting there with your foot in your mouth, just like these ass clowns.

The dude who accidently added this girl to the chat is going to get his ass kicked but all his boys for that one.

22-year-old Eleanor Henry was ‘struck with horror’ when she was accidentally added to a group chat with fellow university students.

The ‘squad’ was chatting on Facebook and dropped in some photos of her. One student called her a “bike” while others started urging him to pursue her and some gave him pointers that would help him score with her.


The guys in the chat added the girl thinking they could all be normal and just chat with her, they didn’t know all of their old messages would also be viewable… SHIT.


When they realized they accidentally added her and quickly booted her from the group… She could still read ALL OF THE OLD MESSAGES!


They called the girl a “bike,” which according to Urban Dictionary means the whole squad can ride her. They wanted her to come to Thailand Thailand for group sex.

Here is what the girl posted on FB:


And during an interview with Yahoo she said, “Aside from this contact I have never really engaged with them on a social level. The other two boys in the chat I have never met in my life. [After my phone started] blowing up with messages…My stomach dropped and I felt really sick, to the point where I felt I needed to close my blinds and hide under my blankets. After speaking with my sister I began to feel angrier and more passionate to evoke change. Initially though, which is very unlike me, I felt dirty, embarrassed and so, so offended. As a result I decided to publicly post the screenshots because I don’t think it’s right that this culture is perpetuated.”

They dudes are trying to play it off as a joke now. Little late for that. They have already been screenshot and blasted online.

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