Girl Gives BJ to Denny’s Waiter as a Tip

Have you ever been a waiter at a restaurant? I haven’t, but if I got paid in tips like this I might consider applying.

A Denny’s employee got a “special tip” at the end of his shift AKA he got his tip kissed! The guy who submitted the world star clip to us said the group of friends ordered too much food and was short on the bill.

dennys blow job extra 4

A girl at their table volunteered “to cover the tip” and that’s exactly what she did… with her mouth!

dennys blow job extra 1

Again, I have never been a waiter but this is a tip that I would accept.

dennys blow job extra 2

Seriously, she gives this guy a straight up blow job in the middle of a f*cking Denny’s!!! WTF!

dennys blow job extra 3

BRB, applying to Denny’s online. You guys aren’t dumb, just hit up Google for the full video of the blow job in all its glory.

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