Hunting And Fishing Goals: 6 Absolute Monsters Caught In 2016

As we march towards New Year’s Eve and 2016 comes to a close I figured this would be a great time to look back at some of the greatest fishing and hunting achievements of 2016. We’ve put together this quick feature on 6 Monsters Caught in 2016.

From catfish to marlin, from a world record 47-point deer in Tennessee to one of the biggest alligators on the planet, it has certainly been a banner year in the world of Outdoors Sports. I could just let you watch the video, but since I’ve already written about each of the record catches above I figured I could link you up to the original stories so you could go deeper if any of the hunting/fishing stories above grabbed your attention:

North Carolina Man Catches Massive 112-Pound Catfish That Looks Like A Small Whale With A Beer Belly

112 pound catfish north carolina

YouTube via Riahn Brewington

Tennessee Hunter Bags 47-Point Buck, A Potential World Record

world record buck

Stephen Tucker

Bro Catches MONSTER 14-Pound Lobster In Bermuda And It Looks Like Something From Outer Space

State Record Alligator Is Lassoed And Captured In Texas — It Weighs Over 900 Pounds And Is Now Named ‘Big Tex’

Two Bros Catch 1,135-Pound Black Marlin, The Largest Ever Caught In New Caledonia Waters

Black Marlin 1,135 Pounds New Caledonia

via Grander Watch

Alaska Fishermen Catch Halibut Larger Than A Friggin’ Jeep

This is just a tiny fraction of the Fishing, Hunting, and Outdoors stories I’ve written here on BroBible over the course of 2016. If you’re into this type of reading, by all means, click any of those links and you can scroll through the BroBible archives and catch up on the past year!


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