Pornstar Riley Reid’s Reddit AMA Was So Dirty I Can’t Look At Her The Same

If you are going to work a job, you might as well try to become the best at it. Riley at one point was #1. The Lebron James of Porn.

She hasn’t fallen off or quit the game like Mia Khalifa. The “top” pornstar just tends to switch often. Right now it is retired pornstar Lisa Ann rated #1 followed by Mia and Riley is a close #3.

So technically she is the NUMBER 1 ACTIVE pornstar in the world!


She posted on Reddit: “Hey guys! Riley Reid here! So I wanna answer all your questions that you have but I really gotta thank TUSHY for setting this whole thing up for you guys!

Tushy showed her first Anal DP after giving fans the opportunity to ask her anything. They are the true Reddit MVPs.


Before you guys start ripping me about this being older, I know. I am not trying to pull a fast one on your guys. I really didn’t know this happened and I am sure 98% of the dudes out there missed it as well! At the time of this AMA Riley wasn’t even cracking the top 25. Enjoy:

I will do my best to include as many pictures as I can from her answers.

Which scenes have you done where you have had a real orgasm?

Allie Haze for Reality Kings! So good!!


What’s the most unpleasant thing you’ve done for porn?

I swallowed 3 loads in one day on an empty stomach and couldn’t stop throwing up for 24 hours lol it was weird and terrible. Moral of the story, don’t eat cum on an empty stomach.

What convinced you to do anal on camera after so repeatedly stating you wouldn’t do it?

well it was never something I enjoyed when I started and years after being in porn. It was only because of porn tho that allowed myself to even become open to the idea. Working in scenes where my partner would either lick my ass or finger my ass a little was just the beginning stages of working me up. At first if you licked my ass my pulse would pulse for attention and my ass was like meh i don’t care. But after shooting so many scenes and having my ass played with, it had gotten to a point to where now my ass was pulsing craving attention too! It was such a change in my body and when I noticed the first time my ass actually wanted to be stimulated I was like whoa! thats new! So I had just gotten to a point where I felt that I was ready. It had nothing to do with money or anything like that otherwise I would have done it for a fat check sooner. TUSHY had just launched and seeing their soft and sensual anal scenes was something I thought I could actually do. My little ass can’t handle a hard core evil angel or jules jordan ass fucking scene but TUSHY, she’s all about that. Greg Lansky and I are personal friends and we talked about it and he was thrilled to hear that it was something I had considered because like you, he thought i’d never do anal. I also thought I’d never do anal but my ass just wanted to get played with so we made it happen!



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