Pornstar Suing After Male Actor Tries Anal Without Her Permission

No means no dudes, even in the porn world. Now a male actor is getting sued for trying to get a little extra dippage during a porn shoot.

In the film, “Two Wrongs Make It Right” a female actress is participating in a 3-way. One of the dudes comes in from behind but picks a hole NOT in the script.


If you sign a waiver that you don’t want a weenie in your pooper, you shouldn’t get a ween in the pooper!

Needless to say, the girl was NOT HAPPY when it started sliding in. Did she just write an angry batch of tweets about the situation or actually do something of matter? SHE SUED THE OTHER ACTOR!

According to WpN Channel 11 News: “The film in question was shot 4-years-ago. The actress was told the film would never be produced after leaving the set humiliated. The film was released in a series of “adult-film bloopers” after the original production company was sold. The actress has filed a lawsuit against the male performer that penetrated her butt and the production company”


Well, that sounds sort of promising on nailing the dude that tried to nail her. The OG production company already seems to be out of the game so the lawsuit there might not get her a thing.

If someone signs a contract for no butt-stuff: DON’T TRY BUTT STUFF!

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