Pornstar Tori Black Did A Reddit AMA And I Need A Cold Shower

Who knew if you “finish” harder than the other pornstars you get paid more money…

Yesterday we posted Riley Reid’s AMA and you guys seemed to love. It was scary how many of these are on Reddit so we decided to take another popular Pornstars AMA and share it. There is some really eye opening shit here that you don’t get in those lame ass YouTube videos.

You can learn some wild stuff from these AMAs. There is a small college here in Washington that was my college “rival” and I just learned Tori Black went there! If only I could go back in time, switch schools, and watch one of my cooler friends hook up with her.


what are your relationships like with other male/female pornstars?

i keep to myself mostly, just use them for sex hahaha. no were all pretty close even if we dont hang out much

Do you prefer to spit or swallow? Or something else?

i only swallow if it tastes good so drink water and eat some damn fruits and veggies


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen happen while on set?

a guy accidentally catch his own money shot in the mouth.

How often are you recognized while going about your day?

very rarely actually, once in a blue moon!

Camsoda tonight! 7-8pm PST as usuallllll. Camsoda . Com /toriblack

A video posted by Tori Black (@misstoriblack) on

What is your favorite act to perform on a person?

cowgirl bitch betta werk.


Hi Tori 🙂 This might be too personal of a question, but how has your work in porn affected your interest in sex outside of work?

im a freak. my sex drive is sky high on and off camera.


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