10 Affordable Gifts For Men To Up Their Style Game This Holiday Season


A true Bro can walk into any room and absolutely own it. But in order to be that confident, you have to actually look that confident. How are you going to project any inclination of success in sweat pants that still have pizza stains from three weekends ago? Ain’t gonna happen.

Bros are aspirational creatures, so constantly upping one’s style game is clutch. There’s no better time to do that than during the holiday season, when menswear that looks and feels great is as affordable as effort.

We firmly believe that holiday shopping shouldn’t be a struggle or cause you to max out your credit cards. So we came up with a gift guide of 10 affordable essentials for every Bro looking to raise their style profile this holiday season.

Vincero Collective’s Chrono S White


A reliable timepiece that makes you look and feel like Roger Moore-era James Bond doesn’t have to break the bank. Vincero’s Chrono S White is made with historic Italian marble and surgical grade stainless-steel, proudly manufactured with an emphasis on attention to detail. It turns heads like a great chronograph watch should, whether it’s in a sales meeting or a night out with the Tinder fling du jour.

Price: $ 149.00

Save up to 20% off for BroBible readers!

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Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses


A staple in every Bro’s arsenal of shades, Ray Ban’s “New” wayfayers are the ultimate pair of timeless polarized sunglasses. Unlike your parents Ray Bans of yesteryear, the New Wayfarer sunglasses combine super light titanium temples and screwless Light Ray hinges for high performance without compromising style. Doesn’t matter what season, they look great with literally anything while offering max UV protection.

Price: $ 127.49

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Elma Italian Nappa Leather Dress Texting/Driving Gloves


Gloves you can actually use your phone in are one of the great modern inventions of our era. Remember when you had a Nokia brick phone and had to risk frost bite and/or losing a glove just to blast a “U up?” text circa 2006? It sucked. Fortunately those nightmarish days are now ancient history. Elma’s Italian Nappa leather texting/driving gloves look great without causing you to shop for an insurance plan in the highly-likely chance that you lose your gloves this winter.

Price: $ 29.99

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Vincero Collective’s Kairos Gold


The best things in life are the simplest things in life. The world’s most elegant wrist watches often make the biggest statements with sleek, minimalistic designs. Vincero’s Kairos Gold is a stately, simple timepiece that shows the world that you’re smooth and refined as Don Draper even if your checking account is more on par with Pete Campbell.

Price: $ 129.00

Save up to 20% off for BroBible readers!

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Clarks Watts Mid Chukka Boot


Only a fool would sacrifice style for comfort, even when dressing to impress. A pair of brown leather chukkas that are stylish and feel like you’re walking in a cloud are paramount for winter date season.

Price: $ 100

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Untuckit Plaid Men’s Shirts 


In the past year or two, Untuckit has exploded in the menswear game for creating high quality shirts “meant to be untucked.” What’s the difference between Untuckit and purveyors of other gingham shirts? The emphasis on “A free-flowing shirt that can withstand any challenge throw its way.” Their winter flannel shirts offer all the warmth you’d expect, earning bonus points for incorporating their unique “chamois” brushed finish for “an extra layer of fuzzy softness.”

Brotip: Chicks dig fuzzy softeness.

Price: $ 88 – $ 98

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Vincero Collective’s Chrono Blue


Attitude is everything. That’s the mantra of anyone pushing others to succeed, from junior varsity lacrosse coaches to the Mark Zuckerbergs and Bill Gates if the world. Attitude is why Vincero inscribes “Veni, vidi, vici” — Italian for “Come, See, Conquer” — on the back of their timepieces. It’s a reminder that the world is won by those bold enough to do, not just sit back and observe.

Price: $ 149.00

Save up to 20% for BroBible readers!

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Sherman Brands Thin Minimalist Genuine Leather Slim Wallet


Your wallet shouldn’t give you pack pain, Bros. There’s no reason to go through life with a bulky back pocket like George Costanza. Toss away all the receipts you’ve been pointlessly lugging around and keep your life simple with a slim-wallet.

Price: $ 34.99

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Vincero Collective’s Interchangeable Straps



Remember when you were a kid and customized your brand new kicks with a wild color of laces to make an impression in a playground kickball game? The best thing about having a serious watch collection is that you can do the same thing with your straps, except now you’re making a statement to the adults in your life. Vincero’s interchangable straps let you deck out your wrist in premium leather, one-size fits all.

Price: $ 40

Save up to 20% off for BroBible readers!

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neff Men’s Beanie


It’s officially beanie season. Neff has become the golden standard in stylish and functional beanies that are just as bold as your personality. Neff beanie’s make your head feel like it’s wrapped in a handmade quilt knit by grandma while still being sporty enough for the slopes or a Saturday night out.

Price: $ 18

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The BroBible team writes about gear that we think you want. Occasionally, we write about items that are a part of one of our affiliate partnerships and we may get a percentage of the revenue from sales.


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