100-Year-Old Negatives Found Embedded In The Ice — And They Show Something Incredible

It’s rare to be surprised by historical discoveries these days; with all that we know, thanks to science and research, it’s unlikely to stumble upon a place that hasn’t already been picked over for artifacts. However, something unbelievable was uncovered in the last place anyone expected.

Embedded in a huge block of ice in Antarctica, researchers found 22 undeveloped photographs that were estimated to be 100 years old. But when they developed the film…

In 2013, New Zealand conservationists made an amazing discovery: negatives from a sea voyage that took place 100 years earlier. There were 22 unprocessed photographs in all, and that’s not the only stunning part about their find.

ice-photos-1Antarctic Heritage Trust

The photos are from Ernest Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party voyage that took place between 1914 and 1917. Shackleton’s group was stranded during a blizzard when their ship floundered at sea, and although they were saved, the negatives revealed a glimpse of the past that we’d never otherwise have been able to see.

ice-photos-2Antarctic Heritage Trust

The executive director of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust says these may be the first underwater negatives recovered from the Antarctic heroic era, multiplying the find’s historic significance.

ice-photos-3Antarctic Heritage Trust

The images depict an expanse of freezing tundra. It’s amazing to believe these are from a century ago.

ice-photos-4Antarctic Heritage Trust

Shackleton and his crew were lucky to survive the blizzard, and these photos are proof of just how dire their circumstances could have been.

ice-photos-5Antarctic Heritage Trust

These photos may have never made their way to the public eye without some incredible happenstance. We’re lucky to have seen them. Who knows—this may be the first of many Antarctic finds!

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