17 Mind-Blowing Gifts For The Handy Person In Your Life

The holiday season is here, and with it the pressure to find the perfect last-minute gift for every person in our lives.

Thankfully, we rounded up a list of fantastic gifts for nature lovers. If you know someone who appreciates the great outdoors—and have yet to find them the perfect present—then these gift ideas are just as useful as they are cool. Let the shopping begin!

1. This book teaches you everything you need to know about the outdoors. (And in a bind, you can even use the pages as emergency toilet paper.)17-outdoors-bookUrban Outfitters

2. Here’s a tea for those who love the smell of trees so much they can taste it (literally).

16-douglas-fir-spring-tipsJuniper Ridge

3. In case being in the great wide open isn’t enough, now you can smell like it, too, with this perfume15Juniper Ridge

4. This vintage T-Frame backpack makes for the ultimate traveling bag.14-vintage-t-frame-backpack Etsy

5. Being outside is great, except for the lack of showers. That’s where these wipes come in handy.13-shower-wipesUrban Outfitters

6. This rain-proofing spray will protect your entire wardrobe from the elements.12-waterproofing-sprayOliberte

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