Apple’s New ‘Frankenstein’ Christmas Ad Is the Video We All Need Right Now

Source: Apple/YouTube

Source: Apple/YouTube

Apple is no stranger to creative, off-the-wall advertisements, and their latest is no different. Combining a horror legend with the magic of the holidays, Apple’s new Christmas ad is something else. Original, heartwarming, and impactful, “Frankie’s Holiday” is a potential game-changer.

Everybody Loves Raymond alum Brad Garrett don’s the persona of Frankenstein’s monster, Mary Shelley’s famed character, but in a whole new imagining. Living alone on a snowy hill, Garrett’s monster seems to be recording a tune from a music box on his iPhone, while silently singing along to it. He then puts on his Christmas best, walks out into the snowy day, and retrieves a delivery from his mailbox.

The monster then makes the long trek into town, where he finds a crowd of people in front of a large, decorated Christmas tree. The crowd frightfully makes way for the towering monster. Then, nervously, he reveals the contents of the package from his mailbox: two decorative bulbs, one green, one red, which he proceeds to attach to the sockets on his neck. He begins to play the tune recorded on his phone, and sings “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays.”

Unfortunately, the green bulb flickers out, and the monster’s nerves begin to get the best of him. To everyone’s surprise, a little girl beckons him forward, and with a single flick of her finger, the bulb sparks back to life. She then begins to lead the crowd to sing along with the monster, moving him to tears.

The ad ends with the message, “Open your heart to everyone,” something we all need to hear this holiday season.

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