2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup: Edible and Topical Entries

Check out all the Edible and Topical entries for the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Clio, Michigan, August 22-23, 2015. High Times

2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup: Dan Skye View, Day One

Editor-in-chief scoured the Cannabis Cup in Clio, MI fto create a gallery of outstanding stoners. High Times

How Hearing Works

By Dr. Mercola It’s easy to take your hearing for granted, but the complex process that occurs when your ears pick up a sound and translate it into information your brain can understand is truly remarkable. Interestingly, while some of ...

Texas Judge Accused of Misconduct for Ordering Defendant to Copy Bible Verses and Marry his Girlfriend

Judge Randall Rogers of Smith County, Texas, is facing an ethics complaint of misconduct for ordering a man to marry his girlfriend and write down a Bible verse 25 times a day. The alternative for the defendant, Josten Bundy, was 15 days in jail. ...

‘The Alphabet’ (1968), A Bizarre Recitation of the ABCs as Seen Through the Eyes of David Lynch

In 1968, director David Lynch created the short film “The Alphabet“, a bizarre and somewhat horrific recitation of the ABCs that seemingly invokes and reflects an extreme fear of learning. via reddit, Neatorama

2 Luxury Apartment Designs For Young Couples

When you are lucky enough to be young, in love, and have the means to find and decorate a luxury apartment there is not much more that you can ask from life. The designs of these two apartments are at the same time youthful and indulgent. Both ...

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