Half the Size… Double the Life!

Sometimes you don’t need a functional product that’s over the top. You just want something simple, supreme and soulful. It’s therefore important to cater to both the decadent as well as the minimal loving personalities.

The Cardamon wallet is clearly for the latter. Let not its conventional design fool you. This wallet is durable, accommodating, and despite the last adjective, it’s super thin! Not like the thin-but-tearable Tyvek wallets you get, the Cardamon is made from a Nylon Polyester blend (commercial name Meridian Shell) that not just repels water and stains, it also makes the wallet incredibly durable. Measuring at under 10mm in thickness, this little gem slips into your pocket without creating that awkward bulge (I admit, my wallet is so cramped that when I sit, I sit slanted! It’s terrible for the back, though). There’s also virtually no stitching on the Cardamon making its design look more pure, and also eliminating chances of stitches unraveling or tearing. In fact, the wallet is ultrasonically welded in most places, providing probably the most secure adhesion technology can offer.

Another reason to show the Cardamon wallet some love is its color collection. Any designer would instantly notice that the wallets are available in CMYK. There’s also a chocolate color, because you never say no to chocolate, but I especially dig the ode to print design! Perfect for the design-geek out there, you can even buy multiple colors! Layer them together and they’ll still be thinner than that clunky piece of leather you own. So what are you waiting for?! Get rid of that ghastly bum-pocket bulge and choose the classy, funky, and Chuck-Norris-durable Cardamon wallet!

Designer: Nathan Kukathas

Buy It Here: $ 49.00 $ 60.00
















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