Hateful Eight Producer: Google Uses Fair Use as Piracy Distraction


From Torrent Freak:

In the days before Christmas, pirates around the globe received their gifts early when DVD screener copies of some of the hottest movies began leaking to the Internet.

One of those was the Quentin Tarantino movie The Hateful Eight, which appeared online several days before its theatrical debut. There can be little doubt that Tarantino and his associates went into meltdown behind the scenes but its taken until now for a key member of the team to speak publicly on the topic.

In a guest piece published in THR, Richard Gladstein, president and founder of FilmColony and producer of The Hateful Eight, addresses the issue of online piracy.

Noting that his movie has now been illegally downloaded more than 1.3 million times since Christmas Day, Gladstein smoothly ignores CM8, the group that placed his content online. Instead the producer finds a much broader scapegoat – Google.

“Google and YouTube have the ability to create a vaccine that could eradicate the disease of content theft. But to the millions of us who watch as our works are stolen over and over and over and over again, millions and millions of times, Google is at best offering us an aspirin, and at worst, ignoring the disease,” Gladstein writes.

For someone on the sharp end of one of the most controversial leaks of recent years, Gladstein speaks calmly. However, his criticism of Google is not new among filmmakers yet still manages to feel misplaced.

Gladstein paints a picture of a giant corporation determined…

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