He Caught A Weird Fish And Took It Back To His Kitchen… Luckily, He Looked Online Before He Ate It

The internet has brought interconnectivity to nearly every corner of the globe, making it easier to share, respond, and advise than ever before. For one Twitter user in Japan, immediate feedback from the online world may have saved his life.

After he caught a big fish, he posted about it on his Twitter feed. The responses he received, however, prevented him from making a tragic mistake…

When one Twitter user first reeled in this big scrawled filefish, he planned to celebrate his catch with a side of soy sauce. But his triumph turned to fear when he read the replies to his tweet.

01-scrawled-filefishTwitter / narathiga

“Don’t eat it!”

“Poison! It has poison! Don’t eat it!”

“It’s poisonous! Please don’t eat it!”

The scrawled filefish has been known to feed on a certain type of algae, called dinoflagellates, which can cause a food-born illness called ciguatera poisoning. Several people who have eaten the filefish were inadvertently poisoned as a result.


“I read the messages and released the fish back into the ocean. We hadn’t killed it, so it swam away. I was out of range and my batteries ran out and I apologize for the late followup. I’m sorry for stoking any fears.

Wow, that was a close one! There’s a chance that eating a filefish like this, especially if prepared very carefully, could be totally fine. Still, why risk it? This guy sure dodged a bullet—all thanks to some eagle-eyed followers on Twitter!

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