He Was Sure This Was Just A Vein, Until His Doctors Discovered The Horrifying Truth.

Watching our bodies change is a normal — if sometimes harrowing — part of the aging process. And if you’ve spend a lot of time on your feet over the years, varicose veins are expected.

That’s what one 42-year old man thought was happening when he notice a strange squiggly line on his foot. But when it wouldn’t stop itching, he knew something wasn’t right and finally went to the doctor. And what the doctor had to say is pretty disturbing to say the least…

This man was sure that the doctors were going to tell him that the itchy patch on his foot was just a varicose vein taking shape. But he couldn’t have been more wrong.


It was actually a parasitic nematode called a hookworm. Several larvae hatched and were migrating beneath his skin. 


It is surprisingly easy to contract hookworms some regions, especially if you’ve been walking around without shoes. Luckily, with the worms out and a course of antibiotics, the patient is now doing just fine. Still, you wouldn’t want one of these digging around inside you.


Can you imagine something like that burrowing under your skin? Ugh, the very idea makes me feel like I need to take a shower.

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