Here Are 11 Ridiculously Strange Laws That Still Exist In America… And Can Get You Arrested.

6. Selling old books.


It’s illegal to sell certain children’s books printed before 1985 for fear that they might contain traces of lead.

7. Collecting rainwater. 


In Colorado, once the rain hits the ground it belongs to the state. Collect it for your own purposes and you could face jail time.

8. Buying drinks.


In Nevada it is illegal to buy drinks for more than three people at a time.

9. Putting ice cream in your back pocket.


If you find yourself so moved to store ice cream in your back pocket in Alabama, you’ll pay the price, and we don’t just mean a cold rear end.

10. Magic tricks.


In Hawaii it’s illegal to put a coin in someone’s ear.

11. Beating your wife…more than once a month.


It’s fine to beat your wife in Arkansas, just keep it to an every 30 days kind of thing.

I’m dying to know the story behind the ice cream law. What was so awful it ended up being banned by law?

Share these weird laws with your friends and family so they don’t end up in jail!

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