Homeless Painter Sees His Marine Son For The First Time In 30 Years

Everyone has a story. No matter how young or old, it’s impossible to guess what the lives of others are like unless you stop to ask them. Sometimes, those stories can be quite surprising.

When a news station in Houston ran a story about a homeless painter named Rudolph Taylor, there was one very important person watching at home. That person ended up changing his life…

In June, a Houston news station ran a story about Rudolph, a homeless artist living in the area. The news station covered Rudolph’s story because many of the local police knew him and were friendly with him. While this story shed a lot of light on an interesting local personality, it was about the alter the course of Rudolph’s life forever.


The story revealed that Rudolph was a self-taught artist. Making less than $ 50 a week from his art, Rudolf chose a life of poverty for the sake of his passion and has been living this way for roughly 30 years. It’s not been easy for obvious reasons, but there was something else that Rudolph had to give up that viewers had no idea about.


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