If You Ever See One Of These Bugs, Turn Around And Run Away… Or Things Could Get Ugly.

In the animal kingdom, looks often are deceiving. Many deadly animals can look harmless, but that doesn’t mean that you should walk up to them and try to make friends.

This tiny caterpillar looks pretty cute at first. But you should avoid it at any cost, because it packs a powerful, painful secret.

It’s called the puss moth caterpillar, and it’s found in trees and garden plants between North Carolina and Florida.


It can also be found in parts of Mexico and Central America.

Scientifically known as Megalopyge opercularis, this caterpillar is also called a tree asp, asp caterpillar, and even the Trump caterpillar (because of the hair, of course).

5-puss-moth-caterpillarBoston Jerry/Wikipedia

They may look fuzzy, but that isn’t fuzz. It’s a collection of poisonous barbs that “sting” when they break off in human skin.


If you get sung by one, the venom moves from the spot where you were stung to other parts of your body.


Doctors recommend using tape to remove the poisonous spores.


After washing the affected area with soap and water, apply an ice pack. 


If the pain worsens, go to the hospital immediately. 


Always keep yourself protected when you’re outside, and stay vigilant. You don’t want to be stung by the puss-moth caterpillar!

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