If You Think That Fish Don’t Have Feelings, Watch What This One Does When His Owner Gets Home.

I’ve always found it strange that some people will refuse to eat chicken or beef but will still happily dig into a fish fillet. Maybe it’s because fish aren’t quite as relatable, or due to the misconception that they don’t feel pain. Research shows that not only do fish possess “mental complexity on par with most other vertebrates,” they have deep emotional lives that include things like cultural traditions, cooperation, and even reconciliation.

If you’re looking for more tangible evidence, however, just look at this video of a blood parrot fish playing with his owner.


That looks like a happy face to me!


According to her owner, this wonderful fish will wait for him to come home in the corner of the tank closest to the front door and will start splashing around if she doesn’t get attention. If that’s not a sign of something deeper, I don’t know what is.

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