Moscow Bistro Styled in Soviet-Era Modernism

Metro Chandelier

Form’s Tehnikum Bistro brings together furniture and art reminiscent of Soviet-era modernism. Even including name, which means technical school, connects the space back to a different era when it served as a store for drafting equipment.

As you enter the restaurant, your attention is drawn to a large mural by Dmitry Asuka.  Its grand scale and bright colors cover the central wall in the dining room.  This striking style evokes Soviet-era canteens that once dotted Moscow’s streets.


To complement this style, the design team included a bespoke chandelier that resembles metro lights from the ’60s and ’70s.

The chandelier wraps through two large archways.  Beyond them, the team included more tables and an open kitchen with chrome finishing.

The classroom motif also carries into the furniture and layout of the bistro.  The interior features simple geometric shapes lined up like desks.  On the website, the restaurant jokes that its “diligent students” should enjoy the light Moscow summer on its terrace. (Photography by Ilya Ivanov and courtesy of Architizer.  Information courtesy of Form and Tehnikum Bistro)


Classroom Style

Modern Decor

Geometric Shapes

Open Kitchen

Soviet-era Modernism



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