Police Find Something Disturbing Inside A Hoarder’s Home… But Did She Even Know It Was There?

Every house on every block has its secrets. Some homes have a hidden room waiting to be discovered, but most often, it’s the people inside who harbor secrets they hope never come to light. Sometimes, these skeletons in the closet are so well-concealed that they remain undiscovered for decades.

When an elderly hoarder’s family entered her Brooklyn home, they discovered a secret that she was keeping from everyone. In fact, she may even have been keeping it from herself…

Rita Wolfensohn is an elderly blind woman who had been living in her Brooklyn, New York, home for decades. Rita was a hoarder, because it was difficult for her to clean on her own. When her family finally entered the house, they found something horrifying among all the junk.

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Amid the piles of Rita’s belongings were the skeletal remains of her adult son. The relative had gone to the home to retrieve some of Rita’s things and bring them to the hospital where she was staying. That’s when the body was discovered.


Rita’s sister-in-law found the skeleton in a second-floor bedroom, which was filled with garbage and reeking of rotten food. The skeleton was completely intact and fully clothed, wearing a shirt, jeans, and socks. 


Police believe that Rita, whose husband died in 1987, was unaware that she was living with the remains of her son. When questioned about his death, it appeared as though she believed he was still alive and had simply moved out of her home. However, they speculate that Rita’s son died of natural causes in 2003… over 13 years ago.

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What a tragic story! It’s so sad to think that her son’s remains were there in that house with her all this time. Hopefully Rita’s family can help her get a fresh start.

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