She Found A Deadly Snake Behind Her Fridge… But That’s Not The Scariest Part. Not Even Close.

Cleaning out the space behind your refrigerator can be a gnarly experience. But for one Australian woman, her cleaning regimen took a terrifying turn when she found something hiding behind her fridge: a deadly Eastern Brown snake.

The terrified homeowner quickly called animal control as any sane person would. But when they arrived, they found something that made her glad she saw the snake just in time.

She moved everything away from the fridge so they could get a better angle on the snake.1-eastern-brown-snake

Everyone watched from a distance as the handler got to work.2-eastern-brown-snake

Watch their faces as they discover what was hiding behind there!


Can you imagine what would have happened if she didn’t discover the snake in time? How about fourteen venomous snakes behind her fridge. No thanks!

Share this video story with your friends and family, and remind them to always check behind the fridge!

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