She Gets Out Of Her Car And Sees THIS On The Windshield. When She Reaches For It? Oh No!

The world can be a scary place, and sometimes we forget how vulnerable we really are. We take our own safety and security for granted, but the reality is that there are predators lurking among us all the time, just waiting for the right moment to do someone harm.

Those people with evil intentions look for someone at their most vulnerable. Their crimes are ones of opportunity, unfortunately for the person who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…as one woman recently learned in a bone-chilling way.

Savannah Nguyen’s mother went shopping at a mall in Appleton, Wisconsin, and parked near Macy’s, just like she normally did. When she walked back to her car a few hours later, she noticed a large SUV with tinted windows pull into the spot next to her.

kidnapping-scam5Facebook / Savannah Nguyen

The mother of four immediately felt uneasy, because the parking lot was completely empty, but the car still pulled into the spot right next to hers. 

kidnapping-scam2Flickr / Bradley Gordon

She quickly locked the doors and drove away as quickly as possible. However, on the drive home, she could hear something tapping against her windshield. Her gut told her not to stop until she got home, so she kept driving, trying to ignore the persistent sound.

kidnapping-scam4Flickr / Radcliffe Dacanay

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