She Keeps A HUGE Bison Inside Her House… But That’s Not Even The Most Unbelievable Part.

When it comes to indoor pets, there’s a reason that people generally go for cats and dogs. Not only are they bred to be members of the household, they’re also a manageable size.

But evidently a nice house cat wasn’t enough Texas resident Karen Schoeve, and when you see what she has roaming around inside her home, you’ll be absolutely floored.

Most people are happy with a dog or cat. But Texas resident Karen Schoeve isn’t your average pet owner. This her her 1,000-pound bison, Bullet.

bullet-bison-1Vernon Bryant/Dallas Morning News

Bullet may be one of the largest and most powerful animals in North America, but that hasn’t stopped Karen from giving her free run of the house.

bullet-bison-2Vernon Bryant/Dallas Morning News

Most people would never let an animal like this in their home, but Karen says that she’s totally house trained.

bullet-bison-3Vernon Bryant/Dallas Morning News

She says the only time she gets a little nervous is when Bullet gets a little too close to the fish tank. “She’s not scary,” Schoeve says. “She’s got a great personality.”

bullet-bison-4Vernon Bryant/Dallas Morning News

But there’s more to Bullet’s story than meets the eye… 


She’s more like a puppy than a bison! It almost makes me sad that this pair is going to have to part ways, but I know Bullet’s next owner will appreciate her uniqueness and make her feel just as much at home as Karen did!

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