She Stopped Wearing Deodorant For A Year, And Something Very Interesting Happened To Her Body

By the time most of us hit puberty, we know to use deodorant every day. Otherwise, well… we’ll just smell terrible.

So you can imagine what someone might smell like if she skips deodorant for an entire yearAlyse Brautigam, a 22-year-old YouTuber in Hawaii, insists she smells perfectly fine despite not having shaved or used deodorant since October 2015. When you hear her reasoning, though, it might just make sense…

Alyse Brautigam attributes her lack of body odor to her commitment to a raw food vegan diet. She doesn’t use deodorant because she believes that it would put her at a greater risk of breast cancer.


Don’t believe her? Watch her explain her secret in this video:


Alyse’s vegan, raw food diet—combined with her overall healthy lifestyle—sure does wonders not just for her natural scent, but for her entire body. Even if you don’t want to go as far as she does, it’s important to remember that your odor is directly linked to what you eat!

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