She Tells The Cashier That She Has A Dead Baby Inside Her. Then She Rushes To The Blanket Section.

We’re surrounded by strangers every day: we pass them on the sidewalk, on public transportation, in shopping malls, and even in line for our morning coffee. It’s not often that our interactions extend beyond simple greetings and niceties, but once in a while, we have a meaningful exchange that ends up being pretty memorable.

For a woman who was struggling with a difficult personal tragedy, the few moments she spent talking to a cashier at her local clothing store made an enormous impact on her life—and the lives of those around her.

Expectant mother Jacinta Masters walked into a Best and Less clothing store in Australia for a simple reason: she needed to return a few clothes she’d purchased for the baby she was carrying. It wasn’t a difficult task, but this was no ordinary day for Jacinta.

cashier-mother-2Armadale Shopping City

At the register, the cashier informed her that she needed the card she made the purchase with in order for her to process the return. That’s when Jacinta broke down in tears. Sobbing, she explained her situation.

cashier-mother-5Facebook / Jacinta Masters

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