Someone Finally Solved The Mystery Of The McFlurry Spoon And It’s Weirder Than We Thought

If you’ve ever had a McDonald’s McFlurry, you’ve probably spent at least a few moments between brain freezes contemplating the shape of its spoon. Why is the tip of it square? Is there a reason it’s so chunky? Are you supposed to use it as a straw?

The answer to all of these questions has been revealed in a single online comment, and everyone on the Internet is losing their minds.

The McFlurry is delicious, and far be it from any of us to question the intricacies of this famed dessert’s greatness—but we have some questions. In particular: why is the McFlurry spoon so crazy?

mcflurryFlickr / Shrk

The spoon is made of very thick plastic and has a hollowed-out handle. In addition to those strange design choices, it’s square. Why, McDonald’s, why? We’ve never known for sure… until now.

mcflurry-2Flickr / Hirotomo t

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