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What Effect Will Brexit Have On UK Cannabis Consumers?

As the dust continues to settle following last week’sBrexitvote, which opened the door for England to walk out of the European Union (EU), we decided to look at how this surprising turn of events will affect cannabis consumers. High Times

Skier Swings An iPhone 6 Around His Head For A Matrix-like “Bullet Time” Effect

If you think that capturing epic footage of extreme sports requires some fancy equipment, you’re about to change your mind. Nicolas Vuignier, a professional skier, has taken selfies on a whole different level. He’s created a stunning ...

4 Studios Under 50 Square Meters That Use Playful Patterns To Good Effect

The first space measures 50 square meter and was featured in the PINWIN competition for architects, designers, and decorators. Here, the designer chose to feature multiple patterns throughout the home, starting with a bright triangular red wall ...

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