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Racist Guy Gets Beat Up After Talking Sh*t to an Arab Man

Drunk racists always seem to not know when to quit, never shut up until their head hits the ground. The post Racist Guy Gets Beat Up After Talking Sh*t to an Arab Man appeared first on DudeComedy. DudeComedy

Shiba Inu Gets Stuck In Bush, Pretends Everything Is OK

Getting stuck in a bush could happen to anyone, right? But only a Shiba Inu could do it and still pull off that uber-cute smile. What makes the whole thing epic is that precious look on its face! So, this rare paw-ful bush dog phenomenon happened ...

If You Think That Fish Don’t Have Feelings, Watch What This One Does When His Owner Gets Home.

I’ve always found it strange that some people will refuse to eat chicken or beef but will still happily dig into a fish fillet. Maybe it’s because fish aren’t quite as relatable, or due to the misconception that they don’t feel pain. Research ...

J.K. Rowling responds perfectly to girl who gets teased for wanting to write.

This is why she's simply the best. J.K. Rowling isn't one to put a lot of faith in doubters. Before her Harry Potter books sold hundreds of millions of copies worldwide, she had to wade through "loads" of rejection — sometimes from some unfriendly ...

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