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His Favorite Ball Got Stuck In A Tree, And This Pit Bull Will Stop At Nothing To Get It Back!

It seems that we’ve been underestimating dogs all along. For all their amazing qualities as companions and sources of comfort, we’ve always thought of them as being largely earth-bound creatures. Looks like we were wrong. When this ...

Group of Military Members Call Out Fake at a Bus Stop

The discounts he gets by impersonating a soldier can’t possibly make up for the cost of the costume. The post Group of Military Members Call Out Fake at a Bus Stop appeared first on DudeComedy. DudeComedy

Genius Idea To Stop People From Littering

UK organization Hubbub plans to clean up the streets of London through its #neatstreets campaign. One clever project sees smokers vote on various topics by placing their cigarette butts into clear divided containers in public areas; another uses ...

Tiniest Horse Ever That Can’t Stop Chasing His Giant Human

Miniature horses are always eager and friendly, but this little guy seems to love human company! The young colt, named Sammy, is just three-days-old in this video; his mother, Grace, watches over him as he chases Sterling Bartow, one of the farm’s ...

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