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Girls Working at Hooters Give Their Most Shocking Confessions

Hooters is one of those places that sounds like a paradise to a junior high kid, but once you grow up it becomes pretty embarrassing to show your face there. You soon learn that the girls are there just to sweet talk a big tip from you, which is ...

Model Explains How She Had An Orgasm While Working Out

I might start going to the gym again if I can master her techniques. Sports Illustrated model Jessica White says she had a full orgasm during a recent training session in the gym when a squat workout shook her to the core. A photo posted by ...

Doctors & Nurses Reveal The Most F*cked Thing They Have Witnessed While Working

Doctors and nurses have arguably the toughest job in the world. Not only did they have to go to school for years, they are trusted with the lives of other humans.  In-between saving all those lives they are bound to come across some crazy ass sh*t! ...

Poll: Do You Get High Before Working Out?

We know hundreds of stoners who love getting high before a workout, before running or before playing a sport. So how about you? Do you toke up before working out? High Times

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