This Bowl Cost $3 At A Yard Sale. Years Later They Turned It Over… And Almost Fainted.

There’s a special excitement about yard sales that’s almost impossible to describe. Digging through old boxes of the past, you might just find exactly what you’ve been looking for… or discover something you didn’t know you needed.

That’s exactly what happened to one family in New York. One second, they thought had themselves a $ 3 bowl from a yard sale. Soon enough, they realized they had more than they bargained for.

A family in New York was rummaging through the kitchenware at a yard sale when they came upon a peculiar item. 

bowled-over-1Flickr – Mike Mozart

They found a beautifully detailed bowl which they quickly purchased for $ 3. This purchase turned out to be the best investment of their lives. 


The family displayed the bowl on their mantle for years, unaware of what they truly had. At some point, they became curious of the bowl’s origins and had it appraised.


They soon found that the bowl is a thousand years old and originated from China’s Song Dynasty. It’s a common type of ceramic art known as “Ding ware.” The bowl was eventually sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $ 2,225,000


They made over $ 2 million on a $ 3 yard sale purchase. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go check my bowl collection right now!

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