This Man Couldn’t Bear Seeing The Homeless Dogs In His Town Suffer, So He Adopted All 450 Of Them.

Sasa Pejčić is the happiest man in Serbia — and maybe the whole world. Interestingly, it’s nothing that he’s done for himself that’s given him such joy, but what he’s done for those who can’t help themselves.

Sasa was saddened by the sight of the many stray dogs in his native Nis, Serbia. So he did something drastic: he started taking them in. Now, he spends his days caring for 450 formerly homeless dogs, and he could not be happier.


This is heaven.

01-man-saves-450-dogs-gifYoutube / Harmony Fund

What an amazing man. I can see why he’s so happy!

02-man-saves-450-dogs-gifYoutube / Harmony Fund

He might be the happiest man in the world, but he still needs help to keep all his dogs healthy! Visit this page to learn more about donating to his cause and don’t forget to share this with your friends if you think they’d like to help as well!

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