Tinder Date Caught Using Fake Name By Roommate While Banging

There is just so much magic going on here I don’t even know where to start. I think the only way for me to really get the point about across about this video is to spoil the ending right now. I am pretty sure this dude used a fake name and Tinder profile to get laid here!

This could explain why he didn’t 1) get pissed off when his roommate busted his door down to film in “in the act” or b) cover him or the girl up. He was happy his roommate was about to post the video online! He has a great story to go along with it.

Now to back on track to the start of the video if you haven’t guessed it yet these guys met up on Tinder.


Tinder is known for the quickies on the first “date” and that seems to be what went down here. The video was sent over to us with the title “Ruining my flatmates Tinder smash” which we are interrupting as “Guy Busts In On Roommate Banging Tinder Date”


Here is why I think the dude pulled the fake name move off. The dialog of the video goes:

Dude recording: “Dalton Sanders, caught in the act” she LOL’s and says “wait, Dalton” “why do you keep calling him Dalton”

Girl he is currently penetrating: (LOL’s) saying:  “wait, Dalton” “why do you keep calling him Dalton”

Dude recording: “because that’s Dalton!”

I am sold. Dalton is the fucking man. If you are here for the video we got you. It is highly NSFW. It is blurred now but trust me, the dude was still in full penetration for the entire video.


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