Woman Stabs Boyfriend 5 Times After Finding Him Having Sex With Turkey

All hell just broke loose on Thanksgiving! What would you do if you found your loved getting it on with the Thanksgiving turkey?

It reminds me of the scene from American Pie, just sub in a dead turkey that hasn’t even been cooked yet!


This girl grabbed the closest knife and started stabbing!

Unfortunately for turkey fucking weirdo Ryan Mills he got caught in the act. Thanksgiving day was the scene of a major domestic violence case in Superior, Wisconsin. Mills was stabbed five times and was lying on the ground. Next to him was an uncooked Turkey carcass.

19-year-old Tiffany Rodriguez had found her 21-year-old boyfriend having intercourse with the turkey corpse. The turkey was to be cooked for dinner, but Mills had other ideas as he was found in the bathroom by his girlfriend as he pounded away inside their would-be dinner.


According to NYMeta: Tiffany then grabbed the turkey and ran off with it. Mills was in tow, apologizing profusely. But that wasn’t good enough for Tiffany, as she ended up stabbing her boyfriend five times. She has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Mills was not brought up on charges of “sexual gratification with an animal,” because a carcass in not an animal: “the statute does not prohibit one from having sex with a carcass.”

This is one of those wild stories you hope isn’t true. But… It is 2016 and nothing surprises me.

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